Student, Scarlett Cooper–Wall, had played rugby since the age of six but having, as a 20 year–old front row, sustained two ACL ruptures, faced two seasons out of the game.

Now, a 22, she is enjoying refereeing with the Loughborough University Referees Society.

How Scarlett got involved

“To stay involved I volunteered to coach the new BUCS 2nd XV at Loughborough University. Organising training and fixtures gave me a new appreciation for the sport’s officials and managers, not as simple as turning up and putting your boots on as a player!

“Once given the opportunity to complete my Level 2 refereeing course at the university I jumped at it, to experience what being a referee involves and to give something back to the university and sport in general. I like being part of any rugby match, meeting the players, seeing a match being played. It’s great to have a run around on a rugby pitch too. I hope to continue with as much refereeing as possible so I get to travel to different places.

A New Referee Society at Loughborough University

“A new Referee Society has been created at Loughborough University to mainly focus on the fixtures between the Halls of Residence for players not involved in the Athletic Union club, giving them the opportunity to play competitively.

“Refereeing has helped my knowledge and understanding of the game and improved my confidence through talking and working with men playing the sport. Being in the position where you must think on your feet and deal with unexpected and sometimes difficult situations, I have been able to take this confidence into playing, coaching and general life.”