RugbyAware is a workshop resource that can be delivered by clubs and schools themselves. Whilst the current version of RugbyAware is predominantly aimed at engaging parents, it may also be beneficial for coaches, team managers and other club members to attend.

In the video below, Rachel Brown, Player Welfare Manager and Adam Cottingham, Kids First Development Manager, give a simple overview of what you can expect from the RugbyAware session.

As you will experience, RugbyAware offers the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding on current and important topics in the game, on this occasion Touchline Behaviour and Player Welfare. It aims to highlight the role and impact that different individuals, especially parents, can have on players and the importance of the promoting the games’ core values.

Please provide us with some basic information about your plans to deliver a session in order to access the RugbyAware resources.

Your questions answered

Q: When should the session be delivered and how long will it take?

A: On a day and at a time that suits you and the attendees, allowing approx. 90- 120 minutes.

There are examples of clubs running successful RugbyAware sessions on a Sunday morning, having invited parents into the clubhouse while their child is training outside. Other examples include running a session alongside a curry night or as part of a fundraising event.

Q: What do we need to deliver a RugbyAware session?

A: Delivery of this session will be unique on each occasion, but you are likely to need the following:

A confident individual who can lead the session, click through the presentation slides and answer questions

  • Someone who can keep the group on task and work to approximate timings as well as guide conversations, challenge responses and capture/summarise key comments or actions (on flip chart or similar).
  • An indoor space with tables and chairs arranged to facilitate group conversations.
  • A laptop with software to run PowerPoint.
  • Projection equipment, screen and speakers.
  • Flipchart, pens and paper.
  • Some prizes for the quiz (optional).