Nutrition, Fitness and Anti - doping

Preparation is key to becoming the athlete and player you want to be. It takes a lot more than just practicing, passing and tackle technique.

Development depends upon the lifestyle choices that are made both on and off the field.

Food for Rugby provides information and nutritional advice for preparing to play rugby. It includes guidance on what a healthy and balanced diet should consist of, recipe ideas and other useful resources.

For more information and tips on nutrition please visit England Rugby’s Food for Rugby webpage.

Fit for Rugby is a training programme designed to enable players to train to maximise their performance on the pitch.

The 6 and 12-week programmes are designed for men and women across all levels of ability. They help to improve skills and generally enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

For more information visit the Fit for Rugby webpage.

Players contemplating using supplements should be aware of the risks and be able to make well informed decisions.

Supplements are no substitute for a balanced, healthy diet and most players will gain little from their use if they have not already optimised their hydration, diet, training and recovery practices.

The Informed Sport programme offers the best way of reducing the risk of using a supplement containing a prohibited substance.

For more information visit the England Rugby Guidance on Supplements webpage.


There is no place in rugby union for the use of performance enhancing or illicit drugs. It is harmful to the health of players and totally contrary to the spirit of rugby. The RFU is committed to protecting all players’ fundamental right to participate in doping-free rugby.

Integrity, fairness, equity and respect are essential to success in rugby and we aim to protect rugby from being undermined by doping.

There are distinct policies and programmes for both anti-doping and illicit drugs.  Full details can be found on the Anti-Doping webpage.

Free downloadable resources are available to promote awareness of supplements and anti-doping.