Management of Suspected Concussions

Schools/colleges should ensure that all staff, coaches and referees are aware of and follow the Department of Education Guidelines that are in line with the RFU’s HEADCASE programme guidelines. This means that any child/player who is concussed or suspected of being concussed should undertake a minimum rest period as stated in the Return to Play Programme.

Schools/Colleges should have a process in place to ensure that parents are informed if a pupil is suspected of suffering from concussion. Parents should also be asked to inform the school/college their child has suffered concussion outside of School.

Remember: There is NO Head Injury Assessment (HIA) process in the community game. This includes all school/college games and competitions. If a player is suspect­ed of having a concussion they must be removed from play immediately and not return to the game.

“If in doubt, sit them out”

This must be adhered to irrespective of the qualification/profession of the individual providing the pitch-side first aid and/or immediate care provision.

The HEADCASE online awareness modules, concussion management guidelines and other resources for schools, players and parents are available on the HEADCASE website.

U19’s Concussion Management Guidelines


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