RFU Regulation 9 (Player Safety)

“Safety is of paramount importance.  It is essential for those involved in the Game to consid­er their own safety, and the safety of others at all times. They should familiarise themselves with any specific responsibilities that may be applicable to them, as set out in various documents issued by the RFU and/or World Rugby from time to time.”

Regulation 9 includes:

  • Immediate care and/or first aid provision
  • Head Injuries and Concussion
  • Reporting Injuries
  • Health Care Professional Workers.

RFU regulations are in place to ensure that the administration, organisation and manner in which the game is played is appropriate, fair and safe. Clubs are responsible for ensuring they are operating within all RFU regulations. Not adhering to and/or acting outside of RFU regulations may invalidate a club’s cover of the RFUs or their own additional liability insurance.

Other relevant regulations and guidance documents include:

  • Regulation 15: Age Grade Rugby
  • Age Grade Rugby Codes of Practice
  • Regulation 20: Anti-Doping and Illicit Drugs
  • Regulation 21: Safeguarding.


Ensure you are delivering a safe and enjoyable rugby programme and can demonstrate how it is RugbySafe.