A club should do all it reasonably can to create a safe environment and reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others. If someone is injured at a club, or whilst taking part in club activities, or if property is damaged, the club could be held legally liable to pay compensation.

The RFU has arranged liability cover for RFU Affiliated clubs in which includes:

Public Liability insurance – protects the club and its committee or board against a claim made following loss, damage or injury to someone else or their property.

Employers Liability insurance – covers the club, or committee if held liable for an injury that an employee suffers during the course of employment. The policy includes injuries to volunteers. This is a legal requirement.

Insured Activities

Insurance provided by the RFU covers all rugby activity as well as a wide range of social, fundraising and commercial ventures for affiliate clubs at level 3 and below. Before undertaking any activity, clubs should check it is covered by the RFU policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

All players are covered by the RFU’s Personal Accident Insurance. The policy, arranged with RSA, provides fixed benefit payments for death and permanently disabling or catastrophic injuries. This includes traumatic brain injury or spinal injury caused as a result of an acci­dent that occurs whilst taking part in the sport.

Cover is not included for sickness or injuries resulting from a medical condition. If the club, player or parent/guardian(s) feel that such cover is required, it is recommended that an additional policy is taken out that is appropriate to the added need.

First Aider / Healthcare Professionals Insurance

It is very unlikely that any action would be taken against a first aider who appropriately uses their first aid training. The RFU Insurance provides liability cover for clubs at level 3 and below in respect of first aiders carrying out their duties for the club.

All clubs/organisers should check that any healthcare professionals (HCPs), who provide services, have their own indemnity insurance in place. Clubs/organisers who engage such personnel, or deploy volunteers in this capacity, may have a vicarious liability for their actions.

Such liability is covered under the insurance for clubs at Level 3 and below.

HCPs should have their own insurance arrangements as a requirement of their regulating body. Below the elite level of sport, such insurance will usually be provided at no additional cost to them, as long as they have the appropriate training and experience. HCPs should be able to provide evidence of registration with or membership of their relevant regulatory body or society.

For more please visit the England Rugby Insurance website.


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