First Aid & Immediate Care Provision

The level of cover that it is reasonable and practicable to provide will depend on the individual cir­cumstances of the club or event organiser. Clubs which have the resources, and where it is reasonable to do so, should consider engaging the services of health care professionals and providing appropriate equipment and facilities.

The minimum Operating Standards for First Aid/Immediate Care Provision (see below) set out the recommended minimum levels of provision.  However, the actual level of provision will depend on each individual club’s risk assessment. Clubs should usually provide their own cover, even when playing away fixtures.

The following situations may occur:

  1. Where it is appropriate for a single provider to cover the home and away teams, it will usually be the home team that is responsible for provision. However, as the visiting team has a shared responsibility to ensure provision this must be agreed in advance to avoid confusion.
  2. Where a game is arranged at a neutral venue, the organiser is responsible for ensuring the appropriate level of provision. This could be provided by the venue but again, this must be agreed in advance to avoid confusion.

Where possible the RFU recommends having a specifically appointed First Aider(s). Having a number of individuals trained to this level will ensure that the basic level of cover is available at all matches and training sessions.

The recommended levels of first aid/immediate care provision are based on information and data collated through RFU’s injury surveillance data and other related research.

These are available in the Minimum Operating Standards for First Aid/Immediate Care Provision.

There are a number of different Health Care Professionals (HCP) and therapists involved in sport. Clubs should ensure that the individual HCP/ therapist has the relevant qualifications, experience and insurance for the role. There should be a formal agreement which covers roles and responsibilities.

Health Care Professional & Allied Health Care Professional Descriptors

Clubs (Schools/Colleges) should be aware that there are different levels of training required in order to provide first aid and immediate care cover.

Pitch-side First Aid and Immediate Care Training & Roles


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