Club RugbySafe Lead

It is highly recommended that clubs identify a Club RugbySafe Lead to ensure that the club is meeting its responsibilities for the welfare of players and that it is compliant with Regulation 9.

Clubs may take a variety of approaches to cover the role and tasks depending on its size, and structure.  For example, if an individual is appointed the Club RugbySafe Lead and there is also a lead first aider for each section and/or age group communicator, welfare messages to different sections of the club may need a small team of volunteers.

The Club RugbySafe Lead Role Descriptor provides information on some of the key tasks that a Club RugbySafe Lead/team may undertake.

Clubs should ensure their Club RugbySafe Lead’s details are listed on the club Game Management System (GMS) profile.  This will enable the CB RugbySafe Lead and/or RFU to contact them directly with any relevant information.

Please note:  All role descriptions are for guidance only. Clubs should adapt/add to this information to ensure it is relevant to the club’s needs and requirements.


Ensure you are delivering a safe and enjoyable rugby programme and can demonstrate how it is RugbySafe.