Yorkshire hosted a very successful first event organised and led by CB RugbySafe Lead Kate Metcalfe, shortly followed by Northumberland where 20 of the 22 CB’s were represented thanks to the efforts of the RugbySafe Leads Chris Davy and Cathryn Clark.

Those at the sessions included administrators, coaches and health care professionals representing clubs, schools and universities, all benefitting from updates on key player welfare and safety, including the concussion awareness initiative HEADCASE and the Activate injury prevention exercise programme.

RFU Player Welfare Manager Rachel Brown who is supporting the events says: “Turnout and interest has been really positive. We have lots of proactive people in the game with a real desire to put player welfare first and make the game as safe as possible. The RugbySafe campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of key player welfare messages for everyone involved in the game.”

The RugbySafe roadshow events will be continue throughout the rest of the season, with a number of CBs looking to confirm a date in the coming weeks including Dorset and Wilts, East Midlands and Surrey. CB representatives will be contacting clubs with more information on confirmed local events.

For more information on RugbySafe including FAQs on player welfare and safety topics please use this link