As part of the process the current forms were reviewed and refined to create three report forms. These were then trialled by a number of societies as well as at a National Panel Level in order to make any final revisions.

With the Match Official Developer Pathway, the aim was to implement a nationally standardised approach to supporting the development of match officials, one which places the match official(s) at the centre of a two-way high-quality feedback process. TAG concluded that most referee performances below level 5 are a combination of assessment, development advice and coaching. It also felt it was important to simplify the confusion that the different pathways and curricula can create.

The result is three forms that will assist and guide the tireless work that occurs every week across all levels of the game in the referee family.

  1. Match Official Development Report (Form 1)
  2. Match Official Development Report (Form 2)
  3. Match Official Performance Review Report (Form 3)
  4. Guide Notes

Resources and Training and Development

The new Review Forms are available on Who’s the Ref (WTR) and the Keep Your Boots On website, together with the guidance document. The documents can be accessed online or downloaded for completion, with all previous forms being retired from the system.

A 90-minute module has been developed to refresh and update those currently undertaking these support roles as well as referees subject to the report(s). It can be arranged and delivered through your Match Official Development Officer (MODO) or by contacting

There is also a Developing Match Officials module, for those new to or considering undertaking the Match Official Developer role. This again can be arranged through your MODO. A further advanced programme is currently under construction for performance reviewers and senior match official coaches.

We believe this is an important step in developing consistent standards for those officials involved in match official development as well as providing a clear pathway for those who wish to progress in the game.

Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Best Regards

Tim Miller
TAG Chairman
Michael Patz
Match Official Development Manager