In February 2018, we hatched a plan to give the KYBO! community an insight into what coaches got up to at their clubs. In particular, how some clubs were doing amazing work to encourage young female players to become coaches.

That’s when Darren Smith, a committed and inspiring coach at Hartlepool Rovers, stepped forward. After a few discussions with the KYBO! editorial team, Darren armed himself with a camera and set out tell the story of three female coaches at Hartlepool Rovers – Emily Hunter, Sophie Derbyshire and Nicole Johnston.

Here’s what they created for you:

  1. An Introduction to Hartlepool Rovers – Sophie and Nicole, who coach the Minis, introduce the club and encourage other young female players to have a go.
  2. Meet the coach: Emily Hunter – The enthusiasm that young coaches have at Hartlepool Rovers is all down to the commitment of people like Emily Hunter who is Head Coach for Hartlepool Ladies.
  3. Meet the coach: Nicole Johnston – Nicole’s been coaching Hartlepool Rovers U9s, for just over a year. The video is an excellent example of the fun that happens when young coaches get involved with those at the start of their rugby journey.
  4. Meet the coach: Sophie Derbyshire – Like Nicole, Sophie’s also been coaching for just over a year – but with the U8s and U7s.
  5. Enthusiastic youngsters, clean white shirts and plenty of mud. What more do you need? (And not a word of complaint from the mums!)


If you’re a young female player interested in coaching watch these videos and then follow the example set by these ladies – talk to a coach at your club and then go on a course.

In the meantime, a great place to start is by signing-up for the KYBO! Video Guide to Coach.

If you live in the North East, why not drop into Hartlepool Rovers FC? They’d love to hear from you and once you’ve watched these videos you know you’ll be very welcome.

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