Luke Pearce on Refereeing at the RWC 2019

In his first video Luke talks about what it takes to get to be a referee on the international stage, the importance of effective communication and what he’s looking forward to over the next few weeks.

Whether you’re an experienced referee, someone who’s just starting out or a player who’s thinking of having a go, watch this video!

Luke is a fantastic role-model of the game and has a wealth of advice for the KYBO community. Please share the video with your societies and clubs.

Luke Pearce’s journey to become a professional rugby referee

“When you get the chance to work in the professional game and for it to be your career, it’s a chance you grab with both hands.”

Watch another great interview with Luke about his journey to become a professional referee, his inspirations at every level and on how important your local referee society is to your development.

Joining your local society will benefit you in so many areas, whether on or off the field, or dealing with new or established players. Follow Luke’s advice and during this World Cup find out about your local society.

It’s easy, just visit the the KYBO! Referee Societies Interactive Map.

Luke Pearce on Fitness for Refereee

Referees run c.6 – 8 Km a game so they need to be fit. It’s not something you think about when you’re standing on the touchline or watching the telly at home.

As part of our RWC series, LUKE PEARCE, gives some insights into the approach professional referees take towards fitness. It’s backed up by an impressive workout in the gym with Wayne Barnes also pulling his weight.

‘The training is something you need to enjoy to be a part of our environment’

Whether you’re blowing the whistle for an international or your local team, being fit reduces the risk of injury and increases your enjoyment of the game.

Watch Luke’s video and then the excellent Whistle-Stop: Fit to Referee with Strength & Conditioning Coach, Alex Read.

Luke Pearce on knowing the Laws 

Luke Pearce’s Advice on Getting Started