For us, some of the highlights of 2017 included:

  1. Launching our new website in September and attracting over 100,000 visitors to the site throughout the year
  2. Establishing a community that is increasingly diverse and which is 75% male and 25% female
  3. Publishing over 60 videos as well as distributing the popular Game Changer, Whistle-Stop and YMO series
  4. Launching our first User Generated Content (UGC) videos, Pack Your Boots! with the irrepressible Alex Marsh and reaching an audience of over 50,000
  5. Witnessing the KYBO! community enthusiastically talk about and share their opinions via Social Media
  6. Attracting 5,500 Fans on Facebook, 3,500 Followers on Twitter and 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  7. Sending out a monthly newsletter (KYBO! News) to over 2,500 subscribers (are you one the list?)
  8. Delivering weekly updates of courses and locations on the KYBO! Course Locator and seeing course registrations increase

None of this is possible without the support, enthusiasm and commitment of YOU – the KYBO! community. A big thank you!

Whatever, your age or level of experience, KYBO! is dedicated to seeing that you continue to develop as a coach or referee.