Northumberland Community Rugby Coach, Jack Lambert, has been finding new ways to bring volunteer opportunities to students in local schools. So far, more than 30 Year 10 pupils have signed up to the Young Rugby Ambassador programme after being selected by their school.

As part of the programme, the students will complete five award courses, including their Level 1 Referees course, northumberland1Rugby Ready and Scrum Factory, before helping at schools festival for Years 7 and 8. To integrate into their local community, all new YRAs will be linked with a local rugby club, where they can put their new skills into action. Teachers, parents and pupils have all welcomed the programme and these experiences will help provide valuable volunteer hours for students, schools and clubs.

Anyone aged between 14 and 24 can become a Young Rugby Ambassador and by logging their hours through the Inspired portal will receive incentives, kit and certificates, and additional opportunities such as Leadership Conferences and awards ceremonies.

To sign up to the programme, YRAs will need to head to and start logging their volunteer hours. At 10 hours, YRAs receive a T-shirt and certificate; 30 hours, a bobble hat, letter of recognition and certificate; 50 hours, a hoody and certificate and at 100 hours a jacket alongside their certificate. The YRA guide can be found on the England Rugby webpage for ideas and more information on how to get started.