Letting Jack experience lots of different positions and learn new skills means he enjoys every aspect of the game. You can see it on his face!.

Sally’s one of those girls who appears to be into everything. As a coach that means being mindful of her rugby playing week in terms of the duration, intensity and physically of session.

Be like Ollie, Sally’s coach, and know your ‘Codes of Practice’.

Visit Age Grade Rugby Codes of Practice, download a copy and then tell England Rugby that ‘You’re in!”

There are seven codes in total:

Code 1: Developing the Whole Player
Code 2: Adopt a Player-Centred Approach to Playing and Training
Code 3: Grouping of Players
Code 4: An Individual Playing Up and Down
Code 5. Combining Age Groups
Code 6: Out of Season Activities, Rugby Camps and Tours
Code 7: Minimum Standards for Coaches and Referees.

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