What was it that got you into coaching?

I’d come back to England having been living abroad for a few years and my son started playing for the U12s. However, after four games the coach stepped down and I took over. I then worked with this team all the way up to Colts and then the 1st XV.

There are still 30 of them registered with Plymouth Argaum, which after 12 years is fantastic.

What’s the most rewarding thing about coaching?

At the time I started to coach, Plymouth Argaum were not in good shape. The seniors only occasionally won a game, there was low morale and it was hard to get kids to sign-up. So for me it’s been to restore the pride in the club and in wearing the shirt.  That all came about with working with the U12s, being with them as they moved-up the ranks and seeing them win more and more games.

It’s now a real family orientated club where I know the parents and grand-parents of the lads I coach. So, often three generations are involved.

Show us your favourite coaching photo

This is a picture after we won the Ellis Cup in 2011. It’s the first tournament we had won in 83 years and it was with the boys I’d had worked with through all the levels. I think there was only 3 points in it!  It was a very special day.

Tell us about the team you coach?

Have been coaching the Seniors until the end of last season (2016), I’m now back coaching the Colts 16 – 18s. There are c. 21 in the squad and they are all from different schools. We train twice a week and I’m confident that as long as they win their fair share of matches, they’ll keep together as a group.

Winning is not everything but at this stage it’s good to win more that you lose. Whatever the result I never talk about what happened straight after the match. When we get together the following week we’ll then discuss the areas that need development. It’s about player management – treating and respecting people as individuals.

What’s coaching done for you personally?

It’s allowed me to make lots of new friends. I know all of the family of the boys I coach and I’ve known some of them for so long I’m starting to get wedding invitations! We’re all just part of one very big family. It’s just a part of my life and allowed me to build something from nothing.