What was it that got you into coaching?

One of my first Coaches, I am a very analytical person and so as soon as I started playing I began to watch as much rugby as I could. This coach then took me under his wing, explaining and talking through things. I then started coaching our U11s and loved it!

What’s the most rewarding thing about coaching?

I’ve always believed that sport is more than about just being active, and rugby is no different – for me it is developing people. Kat, one of the U15 girls that I coach, recently gave a mini-lecture to our senior Women. When she first joined I couldn’t get her to speak to her friends, and two years on her confidence and belief has grown so much she now bosses around my Seniors!

Tell us about your favourite coaching memory?

My first U13 pitch up and Play, I stood on the side-line smiling and jumping in the air.

What’s coaching done for you personally?

Again sport has done more than help me develop as an athlete, Coaching in particular gave me a sense of self-worth and has given me a goal I am passionate about and believe is achievable.

Through coaching, I have developed as a person. At times you have to look in the mirror and be honest about the shadow you cast and how you affect others. Some of my U13s and U15s come and watch me play and so I have really started to emulate what I preach with regards to attitude and work rate. I want to be that athlete they look up to and become better everyday, not just coach it, but live it too.