Where’s the fun in that?

In this Codes of Practice video, Will is clearly not happy to find himself in Mr Grey’s group. In contrast, his mate Josh is in Mr Winner’s group. Here the focus is on current ability rather than playing potential.

Josh may be pleased to be in Mr Winner’s group but he also wants to play with his mates. After all if Age Grade Rugby is about giving players an equal opportunity to train and play, then Will should be included too.

As the video shows, great things happen when players like Will start to play with their mates and those with different abilities. It’s fun!

Boys and girls who feel the’s not much future for them in the game are not going to stay in it. That’s why it’s important to ensure that young players benefit from having a shared experience of resources, coaching and training.

Download a copy of the Age Grade Rugby Codes of Practice and learn more about Code of Practice 3: Grouping of Players. Then tell England Rugby that you support the Codes of Practice by saying, “I’m in!”

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