In talking to Kiera we realised that she had an important story to tell about how young women can move from playing to coaching. Not just the coaching of women but men of their own age who have probably more playing experience.

Earlier this year, Kiera kindly gave us an insight into her life as a student at Bournemouth University, her skill as a player and her passion for being the assistant coach to the Bournemouth University Men’s 1st XV. As you will see, she is frank and honest about her nervousness in taking those first few steps but at the same time modest about all she has achieved.

The result is a 6-minute film that charts a young woman’s journey from athlete to rugby player and onto coach. It’s longer than most of the films we produce so you need to put time aside and give it your full attention. With all the coaching lessons it contains, it is well worth it.

The video shows that coaching is a journey women can make so long as they are willing to give it a go and are given the right support along the way. Kiera was given plenty of encouragement, whether it was from Head Coach at Bournemouth, Neil Bibby or from the players themselves. As the young player in the video says, “It’s brilliant that a girl gets involved. We love it. We want everyone to get involved. So, we can grow the sport, it’s as simple as that.”

Giselle Mather, Director of Rugby, Wasps FC, shares her insights and candidly points out that there is probably a Kiera in every rugby club in England. Someone who has a passion for the game, is curious to learn more and who has the ability to lead.

Our game is proactively working to encourage young female players to start coaching. So give this video some of your time. Watch it with some of your club-mates, take away some of the lessons and then go and ‘Find Your Kiera!’.