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Lucy Pratt

Refereeing has given me the confidence to make a decision based on what I have seen and to then stick with it.

Paul Namata

I have literally found that niche where I can throw myself into situations that require so many different qualities all at once: patience, self-control, stamina, resolve, empathy, solitude and mental strength.

Tom Read

Since I joined my local referee society I’ve had the chance to talk to so many referees and to learn from their experiences.

Julian Rainford

Being a referee has improved my decision making, something which I’ve been able to transfer to my work life.

Ben McNamara

Being a player taught me the basics of putting yourself second to the success of a team, but refereeing has taught me how to be decisive and think correctly under pressure in highly demanding situations.

De’shaun Elliott (‘Desh’)

It’s great being able to spread the sport I love in an area of London where it’s quite uncommon.

Dave Sansom (‘Moustachio’)

It’s allowed me to make lots of new friends. I know all of the family of the boys I coach and I’ve known some of them for so long I’m starting to get wedding invitations!

Gareth Jones (‘Fester’)

In Rugby, whatever your shape or size, there’s always a position that’s right for you. That’s one of the things I love about the game.

Joe Pellett (‘Pellett’)

Within a club, I think everyone has a role. With my injury I felt I’d lost my role. I’ve now got it back! I still feel one of the boys!

Jake Hill

I enjoy the mental challenge of refereeing and having to think quickly and clearly in order to make accurate decisions