Each video looks to focus on a skill that is key to the development of young rugby players between the ages of six and 13. The activities have been designed specifically to ensure that they are adaptable for children within this age range.

The videos cover:

• Animal walks: helps with a player’s body position, balance and core strength

• Evasive running: shows the benefit of matching balance with speed

• Kicking golf: aids the development of foot eye coordination

• Footwork: matches agility with speed to help beat defenders

• Two ball touch: grows understanding of the benefits of visual communication

• Passing drills: helps build accuracy and technique

• Evasion: encourages players to look to evade defenders by using fast feet and a low centre of gravity

• Ball control: develops hand eye coordination

Old Mutual Wealth Kids First puts children first. Aimed at under 7 to under 13 boys and girls, it upskills coaches and creates a great rugby environment, so that everyone stays in the game for longer.
England head coach Eddie Jones said: “We want all young players to enjoy rugby as well as learning skills and building their confidence. We certainly had a lot of fun making these videos. I hope that all the young players, coaches, teachers and parents who watch them find them useful and have fun trying them out.”

Watch the videos here: