That’s why Miss Jackson and Mr Wiseman can bring their respective groups together. Miss Jackson has naturally small year group and Mr Wiseman’s is reduced because other members of his squad are in team fixture or unavailable.

But before they combine their U11 and U12s, they need to ask themselves a few questions.

  1. Are they giving their remaining squad members an equal opportunity to play?
  2. Have they explored other options that avoid the need to combine teams?
  3. Have they considered the physical, physiological and emotional needs of each player?

If they have, then their their respective groups can look forward to playing rugby as part of a larger group and having fun with their friends. Everyone gets to play and the chance to develop.

It’s simple really.  It’s about following a player-centred approach.

Finding out about the Combining Age Grades is easy. All you have to do is download the Age Grade Rugby Codes of Practice and then tell England Rugby that you’re in!

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