In this first of a series of videos, here’s a wide-range of kids telling you what being player-centered is about and what they want from the game.

The Codes of Practice is a downloadable .pdf that gives practical advice for coaches and teachers on how to adopt a player-centred approach to rugby.

Visit Age Grade Rugby Codes of Practice to say, “I’m in!” in and download a copy.

There are seven codes in total:

Code 1: Developing the Whole Player
Code 2: Adopt a Player-Centred Approach to Playing and Training
Code 3: Grouping of Players
Code 4: An Individual Playing Up and Down
Code 5. Combining Age Groups
Code 6: Out of Season Activities, Rugby Camps and Tours
Code 7: Minimum Standards for Coaches and Referees.

Share this will others. It’s in the interest of our players and their lifelong enjoyment of the game.

Next Steps

  • Visit the Video Library and watch some of the Coaches on Coaching videos in the Coaching section.