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Bee Mocellin (Bee)

I want to be that athlete they look up to and become better everyday, not just coach it, but live it too.

Phil Anderson (‘Phatbouy’)

What was it that got you into coaching? I took my son to Sedgley Park as an Under-7 as he wanted to play. The coach had about 40 kids running around creating havoc. The following week I turned up with my boots and volunteered my services as a coach, and I’ve loved it ever since…. Read more »

Fran Ronan

What was it that got you into coaching? A brain injury ended my playing days and I couldn’t deal with not having rugby as such a huge part of my life. I had done bits of coaching before and helped at various sessions around the place, so the only option I could see that would… Read more »

Duke McIntyre

By completing the coaching award, my understanding of what a coach should be completely change. I was then able to communicate properly with younger children and help make a difference to them.

Ian Kenny (‘Spike’)

Coaching has given to me a massive family of young people who I’ve hopefully helped in some small way to realise their potential.

Joe Pellett (‘Pellett’)

“Within a club, I think everyone has a role. With my injury I felt I’d lost my role. I’ve now got it back! I still feel one of the boys!”

Dave Sansom (‘Moustachio’)

“It’s allowed me to make lots of new friends. I know all of the family of the boys I coach and I’ve known some of them for so long I’m starting to get wedding invitations!”

Gareth Jones (‘Fester’)

“In Rugby, whatever your shape or size, there’s always a position that’s right for you. That’s one of the things I love about the game.”

Polly Richardson (‘Prez’)

“I get such a thrill from helping and supporting others and if through my coaching I can enable someone to fall in love with the game as much as I have, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

De’shaun Elliott (‘Desh’)

“It’s great being able to spread the sport I love in an area of London where it’s quite uncommon.”