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Rugby Playing Ref to Row Atlantic

Derek Spence started playing rugby in New Zealand at the age of five.  He says that where he grew up children’s rugby was weight graded and “you had to be a certain weight to be allowed to play at all. I remember standing on the scales with stones in my pockets so they would let me play.”

Half-Game Rule to become regulation

From September 2019, the Half-Game Rule will become regulation. It means that every player in clubs, schools and colleges is guaranteed to get half the available game time.

Liverpool collegiate’s fantastic initiative

As part of a recruitment and development initiative, Liverpool Collegiate and near neighbours Southport played an under 21s fixture at the Collegiate ground in Aigburth, on Sunday 23rd December 2018.

Jonny back at Alton

When 300 boys and girls returned to rugby training at Alton’s Anstey Park this month, they got an amazing surprise when none other than World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson was there to help them!

Age Grade Rugby – The Influencers

Experienced coaches, Patrick Jerram and Rob Honeyman talk about the benefits of endorsing Age Grade Rugby and the Codes of Practice that support it.

Professional game action plan seeks to mitigate risk

The Rugby Football Union (RFU), Premiership Rugby (PRL) and the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) have developed a new action plan to mitigate injury risk in the English professional game, following a study of the data in the 2016/17 Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project (PRISP) report.