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Age Grade Rugby – The Influencers

Experienced coaches, Patrick Jerram and Rob Honeyman talk about the benefits of endorsing Age Grade Rugby and the Codes of Practice that support it.

Codes of Practice – Are You In?

The RFU is delighted that there are now 2,000 coaches and teachers who have downloaded and committed to following the Age Grade Codes of Practice.

Prop Stars Mark 3

Fixtures being called off had been high on Suffolk and Cambridgeshire RFU development staff’s agenda and, at their regular club meetings, it soon became apparent that a lack of front row players was causing significant issues in fulfilling fixtures

Working Together as a Team

‘Intrepidus’ is a fitting motto for Kensington Aldridge Academy. Latin for ‘fearless and unshaken’, in the last year the  pupils and staff at KAA have come to embody its meaning

Under 19 Commission Report

The need to better support transition in the game from age grade to adult rugby, an integral part of the RFU Strategic Plan, led to a recent Under 19 Commission being set up and the ensuing report, which has been approved by the Community Game Board and endorsed by the RFU Council.

Global Law Trials – Tell us what you think

A number of Global Law Trials have been introduced by World Rugby since the beginning of the season and applied to all games at all levels in England since1 August 2017.

How to Combine Age Grades

Sometimes if there are only a few players in a group, it reduces the sort of games they can play. However, in exceptional circumstances, the regulations will allow for the combining of age grades.

Staying Ahead of the Camel

Nigel Carrick remembers his lowest moment as an assistant referee, and despite now being into his eighth season in the Aviva Premiership and having officiated in a World Cup semifinal, he still finds the difficult decisions just as hard.