What was it that got you into refereeing?

After taking time out of the game, I went to watch a local match at my former club where my old rugby coach asked me to start playing again. I protested that I didn’t have the size to play in my preferred position. So I was given two options: to either play fullback or to referee (turns out it was a rhetorical question as I ended having to do both). My biggest passions are fitness training and watching rugby, so being a referee is a perfect combination.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a referee?

Getting to watch amazing matches – you can’t any closer to the action than being a referee. I enjoy the travelling side of the game too, and I’ve been able to visit parts of the country that I otherwise would never have seen.

Tell us about your favourite photo?

Happy referees are good referees! This was taken at the Worthing 7s Cup final.

Tell us about your local refereeing society

The Sussex Society of Rugby Football Unions Referees (SSRFUR) organise regular meetings to help improve my standard of refereeing. They’re really supportive in helping you progress through the ranks if you have any ambitions to referee at higher levels. They’re also great at getting professional referees to come in and talk about their own experiences.

What’s refereeing done for you personally?

Refereeing has helped me realise that there is no point worrying about things which are out of your control. Manage what you can, don’t worry about what you can’t.