Nick Scott, RFU Coach Development Manager says, “Every rugby club wants more players playing more games, more often.”

Nick Scott

If these words strike a chord with you, then there are three things you should do:

  1. Make the time to have ‘clubhouse’ conversations with the players you think have the potential to be coaches.
  1. Give the players you’ve identified as future coaches the opportunities to gain experience. Don’t let their enthusiasm disappear simply because you’ve failed to give them a chance to have a go.
  1. Buddy them up with an existing coach. Find a former player who has made the transition from player to coach and who can tell them what to expect.

Remember to always point players in the direction of the KYBO! website. Here they can sign-up for the KYBO! Video Guide to Coaching and with the help of the KYBO! Course Locator, discover courses running near to where they live.

Encourage them to join the KYBO! community on social media.


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